Lake Vistonida is located on the borders of the Prefectures of Rodopi and Xanthi. It is one of the main ecologically wetlands of Thrace, but also of Northern Greece, as it has important habitat types and particularly rich biodiversity. 227 species of birds have been recorded, some of which are very rare, several species of mammals, amphibians and reptiles. The lake is fed by three small rivers that supply it with water while it is connected to the sea through narrow canals and thus its water shows changes in salinity.

It is the fourth largest lake in Greece, with a total area of ​​45 and as a wetland is protected by the Ramsar Convention, while it has been included in the list of protected areas Natura 2000. It belongs to a network of wetlands that starts from the Nestos Delta and ends at Lake Ismarida. The whole area belongs to the National Park of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace.

Nestos Delta – Lake Vistonida

Nestos Delta – Lake Vistonida (West side)

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