The Riverland team

Our team is comprised of people with experience in eco-tourism, longing for adventure and team spirit. Being responsible for planning, preparing, and carrying out the various activities, we share a common passion for travel, respect towards nature and cultural diversity. Our love of nature and the great outdoors has shaped who we are today. We specialize in recreational outdoor activities and adventure trips, so you can count on us for a safe and successful nature trip. 

A man with a dog kayaking in the river
Founder and Ceo
Α man wearing sunglasses
River & Mountain Guide
a man wearing a life jacket and goggles, in front of a trailer of rafting boats
Outdoor Activities Animator
A man smiling
River Guide & Co-founder
A man posing wearing a helmet
River & Mountain Guide
A woman in a rafting boat
Outdoor Activities Animator
A young woman poses smiling, wearing rafting equipment
River guide & Front office manager
a woman kayaking
Outdoor Activities Animator
a man wearing a safety helmet and glasses
Outdoor Activities Animator

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