a river with trees on its banks with a bridge and a hill showing in the distance

History and foundation

The company Οικοδράσεις Νέστου Ltd. was founded in October 2003 as a new approach to alternative tourism in Thrace. Its founder was a man who decided to leave a profitable business in the city center behind and devote himself not only to nature, but to the development of tourism in the broader area of Xanthi. Nowadays, our company Riverland Outdoor Activities employs a large number of people who do not stop training and broadening their knowledge and horizons. Our primary concern is the protection of nature, raising environmental awareness, as well as professional performance of the highest standards in order to establish high-quality hospitality and emphasize on the natural beauty of the area.

a photo of Nestos river with the mountains in the background

Company profile

Our long experience in alternative forms of tourism, combined with the constant efforts to improve the quality of our services, ensure the best outdoor activities experience for your travel plans or short getaways in the area. The state-of-the-art equipment can guarantee safety and comfort throughout any activity, while our prices are estimated compared to the lowest charges regarding the services offered, making them affordable to all.

a treetrunk hanging over the river

Our goal

Our goal is to help our visitors discover the natural beauty of the area through a variety of activities designed for all ages in the safest way possible, as our zero-accident record proves. The ultimate goal is to work towards reuniting people to our natural environment.

a photo of Nestos river with the mountains in the background

Responsible tourism

Our activities are designed and executed in a way that ensures maximizing the positive effects, such as the attraction of tourism in local economies and cultures and minimizing the negative consequences on the environment. All our trips ensure that the locals are profited by them as much as possible. Riverland helps travelers gain a new perspective by offering an authentic experience to truly become acquainted with each destination, while at the same time, we contribute to the prosperity and preservation of these areas.

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