The Rodopi Mountain Range National Park (RMRNP) is located at the central-west part of the mountain range of Rodopi. Its boundary is defined by the north-east slopes of Falakro Mountain and it continues following the north riverbank of Nestos, to the Greek – Bulgarian borders and the mountainous area of Xanthi.

The Rodopi Mountain Range hosts a rich variety of ecosystems of the Balkan Peninsula. Almost 60% of the European mountain species can be found here and the area is considered one of the most important ecological regions of Europe, being the southern border of expansion for many species from central and northern Europe. Here are situated the most productive forests of Greecethat give refuge to many important wildlife species such as boars, bears, wolves, foxes, deer and smaller animals and reptiles. More than 100 species of birds have been recorded in the area such as golden eagles, goshawk, grouse, woodcock, etc. Due to the fact that the Rodopi Mountain Range was never covered with ice during the Pleistocene period makes the region a botanical paradise of flora species variety. The remote forests (Beech and European Black Pine, Oak etc.) and diverse biotopes (Alpine and subalpine) of the area host many endemic species of herbs and wild flowers like the Lilium rhodopeum και Viola thodopeia. The orchids nourishing the meadows and mountain slopes in a variety of colours and forms offer impressive and spectacular sceneries.

Trail to the Livaditis Waterfalls

Pomakohoria of Xanthi

Frakto Forest and Waterfalls

Livaditis Waterfall

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