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The Haidou Forest comprises part of the central Rhodope mountains and the Koula range in particular. It is one of the most interesting ecosystems in Greece and it is essentially the natural border between Macedonia and Thrace. The Haidou Forest is a heaven on Earth with towering centeranian beech trees reaching over 30 meters high. Apart from the beech trees, the forest has pine, fir, red fir, as well as yellow lilies which grow in the Rhodope mountain range. A lot of wild animals find shelter in the area, such as bears, wolves, roe deer, wild boars, foxes, ferrets, wild turkeys, water blackbird, and woodpeckers. Since the 80s, an 180-decare area of the forest has been characterized as a “Natural Wonder” and is, therefore, a protected area. Several streams and small rivers run their cold, rapid waters through here, making it perfect for trout.

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    The marked route to the base of the largest waterfall in the Balkans starts right past the last houses of the Livaditis village. The hike there is particularly interesting since it passes through a dense beech and birch forest. Nothing gives the existence of the waterfall away apart from the sound of water dropping from 40 meter high, making the hiker eager to lay their eyes on this wondrous creation of mother nature. Once you reach the waterfall, the sight is spectacular. Water drops roaring vertically, enriching the cracks in the rocks with vegetation. The location brings to mind the ancient myths and legends of the Naiads and the nymphs from folk tales. The hike back, even though uphill, is equally beautiful, since the slower hiking pace reveals the uniqueness of the Rhodope forests.

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    We provide you with:

    • Trekking poles (upon request)
    • Bottled water 500ml

    You should have with you:

    • Hat/cap
    • Sunglasses
    • Raincoat
    • Hiking shoes or boots


    • Adults: 55 euros
    • Teenagers 14-17 years old: 45 euros
    • Minimum total charge: 200 euros

    Prices include:

    • Trained guides
    • All necessary equipment
    • Local transportation
    • Light snack (picnic)
    • Digital photos
    • 24% VAT

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