1. General conditions for participation in outdoor activity programs in Greece

Riverland Outdoor Activities are open to everyone. Everyone can take part in them only on the condition of mental and physical health, willingness to cooperate with other participants and to follow the instructions of the trainers.

Despite the observance of strict safety rules, the use of the most complete equipment and the choice of the safest routes, the activities in nature contain the risk of accident or even death and participation in them presupposes the awareness and acceptance of this risk.

Riverland as the organizing company has the obligation to provide the most complete and safe equipment, experienced and trained escorts-drivers-trainers who follow the safety rules set by Riverland and its responsibility is limited only to them.

  1. Reservations – advance payments – cancellations:

For any booking to be valid, a down payment equal to 30% of the participation price must be paid. The rest is paid 7 days before the start of the program. Any payment to Riverland by bank deposit, by credit card or by cach, automatically means that the depositor is fully informed of the plan and accepts the general terms of participation.

In case of cancellation, for any reason, the following applies:

  • a) Cancellation up to seven (7) days before departure: return of the entire deposit.
  • b) Cancellation up to three (3) days before the start of the program: withholding of 50% of the participation amount.
  • c) Cancellation less than three (3) days before the start of the program: withholding of the entire participation amount.

If there is cooperation with other suppliers (hotels, travel agencies), then in each case their own terms of payments and cancellations apply.

Non-appearance in the program: withholding of the entire participation amount.

  1. Team participation

In case of enrollment of more individuals or groups in a program, the team representative undertakes and is responsible for:

  • a) the completion of the participation form by all
  • b) to inform everyone about the conditions of participation and what they should have with them.
  1. Program change by Riverland:

Riverland reserves the right to modify or cancel the program prior to its commencement for reasons of security or force majeure (natural disasters, inclement weather, strikes and other anomalies, low turnout, etc.).

In case of cancellation, the entire amount paid will be refunded and participants cannot claim any further compensation.

In the event of a change, Riverland proposes an alternative program. Participants must, at least 7 working days before departure, accept the change or cancel their participation, taking back whatever money they have paid, without any other requirement.

  1. Program change by the accompanying guides:

Riverland escorts-drivers-trainers are required to carry out the programs in accordance with the rules of each activity and the safety conditions.

That’s why Riverland escorts have the right – in their sole discretion – to modify an ongoing program and implement an alternative program, if required for safety reasons. Any additional costs are borne by the participants and any departure due to non-acceptance of the alternative program does not create a reason for compensation for non-provided services. Riverland escorts-instructors have the right not to allow any of the participants to take part in a section or in the whole program, if by their behavior they endanger themselves, the team, or if does not follow the rules and instructions that have been instructed for the proper execution of the program, without this creating a reason for compensation.

  1. Program change by participants:

Any change (eg number of participants, etc.) is considered a cancellation and is treated in the terms of paragraph 2.

  1. Photographing / filming participants:

During the activities the participants are photographed and filmed. This material is used in all Riverland promotions (print, website, etc.). In case you do not wish to appear in the promotional material of the company, please inform your escort before the start of each activity.


  1. Insurance

Riverland recommends the insurance of the participants in the program and informs you that it has the ability to take this action since it cooperates with the following insurance company:

ORGANIZER INSURANCE (according to articles 5 and 7 of P.D. 339/1996): 

No. Insurance Civil liability contract: 106284/3

Details of the Insurance Company: ETHNIKI


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