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Frequently asked questions

Yes, you can. It is of course necessary to inform our office of this when you are detained.
No. Nestos is one of Greece’s calmest rivers and is at a fairly low level, ideal for families with children.
No, you can’t. We’re running excursions as long as our customers are accompanied by our guides.
Our Company operates throughout the year. Each season has its own beauty and unique landscapes to marvel. Each description of our excursions mentions the season that takes place.
You can find the site’s location in every description of the trip or activity. Scroll down until you see the map and click it for more details.

Yes. We can prepare special meals. It is of course necessary to inform our office of this when you are detained.

    * In some of the areas where we’re running our excursions it’s very difficult to prepare gluten-free meals, so we recommend you bring yours.

Booking and payment

Frequently asked questions

Contact us. Reservations shall be made directly by e-mail, online or by telephone. Payment may be made by bank transfer you can pay at the start point with cash or credit card.

Our terms and conditions are here.

Unfortunately, bad weather is always a possibility. We perform our excursions and activities safely as our top priority. The rain itself is not a reason for canceling or returning money. In the event that the excursion activity you have booked cannot be performed either you switch to a different date or you are provided with a voucher of the corresponding open date amount. Our actions are subject to changes depending on weather conditions, water levels, force majeure or something similar. For reasons of customer security and comfort, Riverland reserves the right to modify the program without prior notice.
Let our office know about your transfer request. Transportations from the port of Keramoti to the starting point and back shall take place regularly. The final cost is shaped by the number of people who need transfer.
We will transport drivers in their cars and this transport is included in the price.
Depends on the starting point. In any case, please contact our office to obtain the information reliably.

Equipment and safety

Frequently asked questions

Yes. For all activities we provide all the necessary equipment.
We provide you with all the technical equipment:
  • Paddles & kayaks: two-seater, open top kayaks – easy to control and navigate
  • Waterproof barrels to store your belongings
  • 50N river buoyancy aid (life jacket)
  • In addition, we provide isothermal suits, socks, gloves and shoes (neoprene) as well as anoraks
We use sit on top kayaks easy to control and navigate for beginners, inexperienced drivers.
Yes, most of the activities we provide are directed at both beginners and young children always accompanied by adults.
Underage children aged between 2 and 15, always with the adult escort, can participate in most of our activities. Children can participate in Rafting’s activity, always with an adult escort, from 10 years of age and older.

    *There are cases where, after consultation with the parent guardian, children of younger ages were involved in some activities/excursions.
Yes. In several cases we undertake to include disabled persons or special features in our excursions/activities. In any event, it is necessary to inform our office of your detention, in order to ensure the smooth progress of the excursion/activity by our escorts.

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