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The small rafting ride in the calm waters of the river is ideal for beginners, as well as for those who have limited time, but still want to get a taste of the aesthetic forest. The recreational area in Galani in at the end of the Nestos Narrows and constitutes part of the aesthetic forest. Lush greenery, rock caves, sandy beaches and wildlife make up this unique natural ‘mosaic’.

We provide the ideal introduction to this awesome activity, providing everything you need to skim the water and take on our fantastic kayaking experience.

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    The 2-kilometer long course lasts about 40 minutes. Our guide will provide instructions for a safe ride. After we leave the river, our guides will tend to our return to the starting point.

    During the summer months, we meet at the Adventure Park at the beach of Galani right at the start of the hiking trail. There, we put on our life jackets before we start this activity.

    Meeting point:

    During the winter months, we meet at the Riverland base in Toxotes and we get all the necessary equipment for the activity.

    Meeting point:

    We provide you with all the technical equipment

    • Boat
    • Oar
    • Helmet
    • Waterproof barrels to store your belongings
    • 50N river buoyancy aid (life jacket)
    • In addition, we provide isothermal suits, socks, gloves and shoes (neoprene) as well as anoraks

    You should have with you

    • Swimsuit or spare underwear
    • Towel
    • Hat/cap
    • Sunglasses with strap
    • Sunscreen
    • Summer footwear (water shoes, sandals or even flip-flops


    • Adults: 15 euros
    • Teenagers and children (up to 16 years old): 10 euros
    • Minimum total charge: 40 euros

    Prices include:

    • Trained guides
    • All necessary equipment
    • Local transportation
    • Digital photos
    • 24% VAT

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