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Going down a steep slope or building using ropes, special equipment and guidance from experts is called Abseiling. Enjoy yourselves by abseiling down the rock face with ropes. It is a unique experience worth living, even if you have no intention of practicing it further.

If you want to take a leap of faith, an abseiling experience is a great place to start. There’s nothing more exhilarating than the climb to the very top of a cliff and the daring descent back down to earth. If it’s your first time, we’re sure it won’t be your last. Our team will make your experience unforgettable!

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    Push yourself out of your comfort zone and descend the whopping 15-metre tall cliff above the great Nestos trail. Take in the views or have a gander at the ground if you’re feeling brave enough! You’ll be totally looked after by our highly-trained abseiling instructors, who’ll be cheering you all the way down. After you conquer the mighty rock, there’ll be nothing you can’t accomplish!

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    We provide you with all the technical equipment:

    • Ropes, Abseil & Belay Devices, Carabiners
    • Harness, Climbing & Abseiling Helmet

    You should have with you:

    •  Athletic footwear


    • All: 25 euros

    Prices include:

    • Trained guides
    • All necessary equipment
    • Digital photos
    • 24% VAT

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