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Try your skills and see if you are a budding Robin Hood, Katniss Everdeen or even Legolas…

Archery is a relatively easy physical activity without many limitations. Your age or gender are not an obstacle, since it does not require a lot of stamina, strength or a particular fitness level. It is more of a mental, rather than physical, activity. It needs the right technique, concentration and focus on the target!

Archery is suitable for all ages from around the age of ten upwards. Younger participants can easily join in with older participants as they can shoot closer to the target and use a lighter bow.

This can be a single session or can be combined with other activities that are based at Nestos Adventure Park.

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    The satisfying swoosh of your arrow speeding through the air and landing snugly in the target – there’s nothing else like it!

    Introductory taster archery session lasts approx. 20 minutes.

    All our instructors are absolute pros, so whether you’re trying it for the first time, or want to take your archery skills to the next level – we’ve got you covered.

    Meeting point:

    We provide you with all the technical equipment:

    • Bow, Arrows, Target, Quiver, Bracer & Finger Tab

    You should have with you:

    •  Athletic footwear


    • All ages: 7 euros

    Prices include:

    • Trained guides
    • All necessary equipment
    • Digital photos
    • 24% VAT

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